Our Days Are Short

Over the duration of one week, we have exactly 168 hours. That means 10,080 minutes that we utilize to participate in various activities, hobbies, teams, groups, etc. That’s not including the vast number of other chores that we have to get done, roles we have to fill, and jobs that have to be completed. If we sleep 8 hours a night, spend about two hours a day to eat three meals, and work full time, then we are left with only 58 hours during our week. That doesn’t include getting ready in the morning, church, reading Bible, praying,  any social activities or meetings, grocery shopping, cooking and all the other jobs that we have to complete in our week.

If this stresses you out, then maybe my last article on anxiety will be helpful! But this is the time that we have left to use as we please. Where we spend this time reveals everything about us and ultimately shows us where we believe we will find our joy. If we spend all our time watching Netflix and TV, then we are probably seeking our joy in entertainment or escapism. If we spend all our time making sure our house is perfectly decorated and is keeping up with the neighbors, then we are probably seeking our joy from our appearance or the approval of others. If we spend all our time shopping, then we are probably seeking our joy in material things. Where we spend our time reveals to us what our heart treasures and longs for. We can say we hate Netflix all we want with our words, but if we spend 3 hours of our day watching it (which is 21 hours a week by the way), then our actions are saying something entirely different.

The reason this is important for Christians is because the truth from 1 Corinthians 6 says “do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body,” (v. 19-20). Every part of us was purchased by Jesus’ sacrifice, so we are to glorify God in every area, every aspect, and every square inch of our lives. Because it is God’s Spirit that dwells within us and has bought us with the blood of Christ, we should seek to honor God in everything we do. We are no longer our own. We are His. So is how we spend our time a reflection of that truth? Does it reveal that we are wholly the Lord’s? We need to continue to ask these questions so we will not waste our days in apathetic, unconscious living from one thing to the next. When we begin to see the shortness of our days and the brevity of life, it should cause us more and more to surrender our days to making much of Christ. This doesn’t mean that we never watch movies or shop or clean, etc. It also doesn’t mean we just become Christian monks. The particulars of how we live this out will obviously vary from person to person, but it does mean that we should be intentionally living our ordinary lives more and more to the glory of God. It means making sure we are prioritizing our time to be in God’s Word and in prayer. It means taking our moments and our days and utilizing those precious gifts to glorify God. It means using our time to love God by loving others. May Psalm 90:12 be our prayer: “So teach us to number our days, that we may get a heart of wisdom.” As we look at the shortness of our days and the time we have each week, may God teach us to be wise about what is truly worth spending our days pursuing. And may we see that a wise existence is one spent in joyful service to our great and wonderful God.

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